Your business can develop lasting customer engagements that can continue to put your business and brand into the eyes and ears of your current customers and potential customers. Through Social Media Marketing, you can continually engage customers through discussion, offers, contest promotions and other forms of social contact to make sure your brand stays with your customers and drive website traffic.

We utilize various Social Media Marketing strategies to keep your customers engaged and wanting more! Depending on your business need, Adjunct SEM will develop strategies for your Social Media Marketing goals. Why spend your valuable time finding, creating, and delivering engaging social media content when Adjunct SEM can utilize our knowledge and expertise to drive real and measurable results!


With over 1.19 billion monthly active users, 874 million mobile users, and 728 million daily users, Facebook has a massive user base that is perfect for any business that wants to reach out to their specific demographic to gain new business. Strategic marketing campaigns can be delivered with tactical granularity.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Engaging & Shareable Content
  • Contests, Promotions, & Offers


Boasting 115 million active users, Twitter can serve any business for numerous marketing and customer outreach goals. Utilizing an active follower base, your business can speak to your consumer base instantaneously with offers, promotions, or just to say hi in a single tweet!

  • Promoted Trends/Promoted Tweets
  • Promoted Accounts
  • Hashtag Trending


A professional network containing 300 million  users with 2 new members each second, LinkedIn is the perfect social network for B2B businesses to reach out to other businesses for sales and engagement. If your business is primarily B2B, LinkedIn marketing is perfect for increasing your sales, gaining new leads, and growing your business reputation!

  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Granular Target by Job Title, Job Function, and more!
  • Company Page
  • Group Pages
  • Individual personnel pages


Containing 300 million active monthly users and 540 million users total, Google+ is slowly becoming the next social media giant. Since each Gmail account receives their own personal Google+ profile, the growth of Google+ is expected to continually rise in usage and demand.

  • Business Page
  • Targets Ads
  • Optimized Personnel Pages
Facebook Active Users
Twitter Active Users
LinkedIn Active Users
Google+ Active Users


We all know and use YouTube because of the amazing content available on-demand. With more than 1 billion unique user visits per month, YouTube is an amazing medium to launch video ads targeted to your demographic with engaging video which can be used to promote new and existing products, offers, promotions, or even to promote your newly formed business.

  • Targeted Video Ads


This social media giant isn’t just for sharing pictures of the food you are eating… unless your a business savvy restaurant looking for new business! 200 million users strong, Instragram has one of the largest mobile usage statistics of any social media site. The social media site is perfect for restaurants, photographers, and any business that wants to proudly display their products to the masses.

  • Instragram Ads
  • Hashtag Trending
  • Custom Profile


A location based social networking site, with 50 million users,  where users can check in at your location via their mobile device. Foursquare is fantastic for brick and mortar businesses to promote their brands by driving awareness, offering specials or discounts to customers, and even the “mayor” who check in at their location.

  • Foursquare Ads
  • Business Pages
  • Unique Opportunities Based On Check Ins


A relatively new social networking with 70 million active monthly users, Pinterest is a link sharing service where the user base “pins” links they like which are then presented to their followers. The advertising medium for Pinterest is still in production but any savvy business with products should use Pinterest to share their product to individuals, specifically the 67% female user base.

  • Custom Pinterest Board
  • Product Promotion and Strategy
Monthly YouTube Views
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Active Foursquare Users
Active Pinterest Users

The time to start your Social Media strategy is now! Over a billion users use Social Media.

Why not access that market to expand your business?

Social Media Marketing isn’t another fad!

Social Media’s exponential growth has shown that it is not only here to stay for the long term but it’s also a formidable partner for marketing to consumers and businesses alike. Utilizing a strong Social Media Marketing strategy with your existing marketing efforts will bring in new leads, engage existing existing, and can potential drive customers from your competitors to you.

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