Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services provide your business with a variety of SEO practices to increase your website ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. We will rank your business website higher than your competitors in national and local search engine placements using our proven SEO tactics!

On-page Optimization

Each page of your website must be optimized so the search engines can find it. Most importantly, each page of your website needs to be unique, engaging, and worth your potential customers time.

  • Title Text
  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • Image Alt Text
  • Descriptive URL structures
  • Crawler/Bot Accessible
  • Authorship, Meta Data, Schema and Rich Snippets
  • Keyword Specific
  • Unique and engaging content with focus on user experience
  • Social Media Ready

Link Building

Link building is off-page optimization and it’s purpose is to get links back to your website. Links are used to show that your website content is trustworthy by having websites and companies in your vertical linking back to you. Think of it like a referral from someone else to you, except from their website to yours!

  • Localized Business Directories
  • Social Media
  • Blogs
  • and many more!

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the dissemination of information relevant to your vertical. The goal of Content Marketing is to develop information your customers and leads want to read and share.

  • Press Releases
  • Regularly Updated Content
  • Growing of Authorship
  • Promotion of Content

Local SEO

Local is important for every business. If you’re a roofer who lives in Daytona Beach, you want to rank locally for Daytona Beach and surrounding areas so people who search for your targeted keywords are finding your business. On-page optimization plays a heavy role in your Local SEO but we also optimize your local business listings as well!

  • Google Places
  • Bing Places for Business
  • Yelp
  • and 80 more sites/directories to get your business to the masses!

Why Use Search Engine Optimization?

Because in today’s global market, every business with a website needs optimization.

If your website is optimized better than your competitors you will rank higher in search engines, such as Google and Bing, than your competitors due to your optimization efforts. If you fail to properly optimize your site, or worse, optimize incorrectly, the potential of rankings of your site can be affected for weeks or even months.

Our optimization tactics steer your website and its reputation away from current and future technical SEO penalties from search engine algorithm updates  by Google and Bing so your website will continue to rank over your competitors!

My website is already established. Can I still optimize?

Never too late to start Search Engine Optimization for your business!
The time to start utilizing Search Engine Optimization for your business is now! Your competitors are spending time and resources optimizing their site to outrank you to secure your leads and your current and future business.

Ready To Stand Out?