Think email is dead and long gone like the dinosaurs? Think again. Email continues to play a integral part in all digital marketing strategies. Getting to know your customers and sending them business relevant information such as new products, discounts/offers, and even a Happy Birthday email is a cost effective way to keep your leads and clients informed of the information you want them to see and know about. Most importantly, it keeps your business in their minds!

Marketing Objectives

Goals for email marketing campaigns can and do vary widely, from brand awareness and company news to promotional offers and lead generation. In each case, email marketing offers businesses a valuable opportunity to interact customers and prospects with useful and actionable information. We work closely with you to define realistic marketing objectives and formulate strategies to maximize your ROI.

List Management

Making sure your lists are accurate and up to date are integral to your email marketing strategies. Sending to an outdated list that hasn’t been properly maintained is a waste of resources and your valuable time. Management of your email marketing lists can be a daunting task for any marketing professional. We step in and step up to maintain your lists by actively removing bounces, updating customer and prospect information, and much more.

Email Design

Email design is as important as strong marketing list. Using eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing designs can not only keep the intended recipient reading your emails but also convince them to forward your email to their co-workers, leadership in their company, and professional contacts as well. We work with you to ensure that the designs of your email campaigns are pleasing and eye-catching but most important, fit and adhere to your branding model.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing your email subject lines, content, and calls to action are integral to the success of your email campaigns. Creating segments and testing various aspects of each email sent will ensure that your emails are opened, viewed, and your calls to action are clicked on to bring leads and customers alike back to your website!

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